• Mary Anne Hobbs - Warrior Dubz

    Reviewed by Ned Beauman (Dummy Monthly)

    <b> Mary Anne Hobbs </b> - Warrior Dubz

    In 2006, much of the UK's most exciting electronic music is menacing, muscular, and bass-obsessed, and none more so than genre du jour dubstep. Enter Warrior Dubz, which is both a beginner's guide and a manifesto for this killer strain of low end theory. Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, one of dubstep's most tireless proselytisers, mixes established gun-finger anthems (the tribal thunder and reggae vocals of Digital Mystikz's Anti-War Dub, a favourite at their Brixton DMZ nights) with white-hot exclusives (see Burial's Versus, a characteristically evocative unreleased track by the mysterious critical darling). Perhaps aware that too much dubstep is, well, too much, Hobbs also nods to grime, drum'n'bass, dancehall, and techno. Even Andy Stott's pristine Black, the only track here which owes more to Detroit than it does to Croydon, doesn't feel out of place: it's got the same sub-bass pulse and dub spectres. And a troop of badman MCs, like JME on Wiley's Pence and Crazy D on Distance's Worries Again, keep it all from getting too desolate. If you want to know where British underground music is going in the twenty-first century, then let Warrior Dubz fling you into the future.

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