• Shitmat - Grooverider

    Reviewed by One Week To Live

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Grooverider

    Henry 'Shitmat' Collins drops by to say hello with his latest Planet Mu release, the aural Ebola-inducing B-ton rave-up that is 'Grooverider'. Slightly more junglist than some of his other works, the sermon of mashcore still delivers an epileptic... (was that just Briney Spears ripped up in there?) spasm attack of a record. Neverless , this one isn't as brutal nor as novelty as you might expect Brighton's most performance mashcore artist might produce. Shitmat needs to go into Burlesque piano playing. Now that is cool and super hot. Anyways. 'Grooverider' opens with '94 Abyss', a cinematic second goes before a host of cut up Amen breaks hail down holding hands with that sample from Origin Unknown's 'Valley Of The Shadow's' straddling a Tina Turner sample like YouTube' Taz and Beefy from Basildon. Beefy Beefy! A slight interlude 'Beastiality' is a minute of blissed-out android-on-stella music before the opne twisted breaks of 'More Fire (93 Ting Mix)' and 'All Falls Down' simply ache with the need to be ripped off and jammed into your own bootleg. There ain't no party like a Shit-club party!

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