• Belching acid bass lines, raucous drum loops and clattering electronic garble - all just a day at the office for Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu Records. Last Step resumes normal service.

    Last Step - Last Step

    Reviewed by subba-culture

    <b> Last Step </b> - Last Step

    Sounding like R2D2 after young Skywalker put him on fast spin in the latest Hotpoint Aquarius, Last Step’s self-titled debut certainly bleeps it’s way into line with the now classic brain-dance-ethos. Planet Mu has been pulling in these kind of artists for many a splatter-cored year and, the fact of the matter is, you either like it or you just don’t, plain and simple. If you do manage to wade your way through this particular digital onslaught you will find there is a hidden charm within.

    These days most producers are obsessed with utilising the newest fancy pants gold plated, diamond encrusted gear to create their beats but not this Canadian. Created using only original analogue equipment - the Roland 303, 606 and 707 - Last Step stays true to the origins of Acid. It is at times a dark yet blissful journey through the circuitry of these now ancient machines. Lives With Angel is a beautifully and crisply produced eighties influenced acid anthem that satisfyingly warbles it’s way through the octaves whereas, Your Carrot Soup is a darker, more furtive version of the same events. Other gems include Baby Powder, a brooding blip of futurism and the haunting ambient down pour, You’re A Nice Girl - previously released as an EP.

    There are some real highlights on this album, but all too often in between these we are forced to listen to the kind of rambling distortion that has so often littered this genre. However, for the many of you out there (you know who you are!) that warm to the seemingly random sequenced samples that have undeniably made this label the raging beast it is today Last Step will be a grateful addition.

    By: David Samuel