Apparently any profits from this record will go to St. Bernadetta's Synth Hospital.

  • Last Step - Last Step

    Reviewed by NME

    <b> Last Step </b> - Last Step

    If Klaxon's sampler has a drink problem (beer spilled on the motherboard, perhaps) or their favourite synth is missing a crucial knob, this, NME imagines, is where they recover. But the mysterious Canadian behind "Last Step" doesn't need to rely on good deeds to win over NME's affections. Rocking the retro analogue synth sounds of DMX Krew and the pop sensibilities of early Depeche Mode, but given, like Aphex Twin, to schizoid lurches in tempo and sudeen explosions of sonic chaff, his debut is a rubbery Roland-designed riot. The gabbled Vocoder vocal on "When You're Smiling And When You're Not" is inddicative of the mania that possesses many tracks, but, at other times, "Last Step" is downright beautiful. Please give generously - it'll make you feel good.
    Tony Naylor 7

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