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    <b> Last Step </b> - Last Step

    The mysterious Canadian producer known as Last Step drops his debut album. You might have caught his "You're A Nice Girl" EP or even heard his vintage disco-leaning electronica on the Planet Mu "Sacred Symbols Of Mu" compilation but if not, don't worry, pick this up and you'll get the whole EP as part of "Last Step". All the tracks on this album were made using original analogue equipment including the Roland 303, 606 and 707 and I'm guessing that choice has something to do with the ultra warm vibes and melodious thump that resonates throughout this project. Opening with "Lives With Angel" Last Step goes cosmic. Whirling synths and haunting John Carpenter-esque pads infiltrate intricate, yet effortless drum patterns which jumpfrom mid-tempo twisted disco to boom bap electronica. "Contrast" goes through about two minutes of angelic ambient technoid styles - in a similar vein to Murcof - before an explosion of arcade noises and sonic incursions happy slap the harder, faster beats. For more of the schizo, sporadic electronic relentlessness check out "Dramatix", it's DMX Krew meets Luke Vibert electro madness for your soul! A couple of weeks ago DC Recordings' newest signing Clause Four dropped a 12" of glorius 8-bit cascading synth hip-tronica and LAst Step does his version on "Baby Powder", electronic pop music after the apocalypse! The previously mentioned "You're A Nice Girl" appears in the final moments of the album, it's clattering junglist hi-hat driven beat rattling the cages of the sublime, whilst Last Step's discordant vocals add an eerie solitude to the track. Closing with "My House" Last Step flexes his techno on a hypnotising bubbling bleeper, shattered synth patterns and all out savant skills. 5/7

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