• Distance - Traffic

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Distance </b> - Traffic

    A prime exponent of the Korn-step style, 'traffic' is the big flashy dubstep beast you've been hearing in countless dubstep sets of late. Dropping in with a mighty rave signal over a tense hardstep riddim, the almighty Ross Robinson styled geetar riff provides ample impetus for a moshsteppin brukkout of immense proportions, add some broken glass attached to some windmill fists and you've got yourself some bona fide hardcoreXdubstep in the dance. 'Cyclops' chill things out for a few minutes with a chasmic slowstepper, much more restrained than its hairy black-clad brother on the flipside. Ace.

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