• Boxcutter - Oneiric

    Reviewed by blowback (blowback)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Oneiric

    Dubstep has finally started to receive its due attention as one of the most interesting genres to emerge in the last few years, and it¹s nice to hear that Boxcutter is from Northern Ireland, thus widening a London-centric scene. Even nicer is the fact that this album is amazing. Far from being limited to the evolved drums and belly bursting bass of dubstep, which can be difficult to keep fresh over the course of an album, Boxcutter has crafted a dramatic aural tapestry of scalpel-sharp drums, ambient texture and ultra-modern bass. It evokes the stomach turning scale of wonders as much as it demonstrates the grit of urban existence, and all the better for it.

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