• Boxcutter - Oneiric

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (Failme.net)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Oneiric

    First thing that has to be stated is that this isn't a straight up dubstep album. It can't be, there's far too many clever rhythmic and melodic twists and turns to keep it held down by something as trivial as genre or style. He takes dubstep's distinctive motif's (warping b-lines, downward drums, silent gaps) and furnishes incredibly layered pieces of futurist funk.

    The eastern sunrise opener of 'Tauhid' might be weighted down with swathes of sub. But, like the rest of the album, there's a light footprint to it all. Even the murky, out-of-focus echo of 'Skuff'd' seems to have a spring in its step. Whilst bass-heads will find solace in darker moments like the magnificent 'Brood'. The rest of us will find this a seasonally apt piece of accomplished electronic music.

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