• Boxcutter - Tauhid

    Reviewed by sheikh ahmed (Failme.net)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Tauhid

    Of course the forthcoming album by Boxcutter ('Oneiric') is going to be ace...I did the artwork. But before all that, here are four fine examples of Boxcutter's unique brand of edit-step. His previous works on Hotflush seemed overtly technical, but here he seems to let mood and narrative take over.

    The title track continuing dubstep's flirtation with easternism to further extremes. But it's the nicer tracks that impress; the halogen-lit shimmer on 'Gave Dub' sounds like it was recorded at the end of the street. 'Bad You Do (Halfstep)' wonderfully alternates between reverb-drenched vocal soul and collapsable breaks.

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