• Boxcutter - Tauhid

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Boxcutter </b> - Tauhid

    If the genre of skitter-break doesn't already exist, then this new 12 from Boxcutter makes one heck of a case for it being minted. The sound of Gene Krupa falling down a spiral staircase, the A ('Tauhid') sees growling dubstep-esque bass chewing the arse off a percussive maelstrom - atop of which an additional seasoning of gloopy electronica is added. Breaking down for a mid-way breather, when it all comes back in you bloody well know about it. On the other, it's a bit less hectic, but 'Bad You Do' and 'Silver Birch Solstice' have enough bite to keep you engaged. Cut it out!

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