• Shitmat & Friends - Gary's Gruesome Remixes

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Shitmat &amp; Friends </b> - Gary's Gruesome Remixes

    Shitmat on some grimy high jinx of an unusually and quite acceptably high standard. Not exactly what you'd come to expect of the clown prince of comedy jungle, 'Gary's gruesome garage' takes a Mu sized sidestep into the world of garage mashment filtered through the mind of Henry Collins, where all manner of collisions with stray mentasms and samples from the big ol' library of ragga jungle chat occur within the framework of a production which could almost be a white Jammer, maybe they've got hold of the same supplier? Remixes come from breakcore pirate Chevron, sailing a sea of garage cheese on 'Gary grew some garage', skimming the surface of the last 7 years of UK urban 2-step pop led in with what sounds like the Baywatch theme tune uncomfortably juxtaposed with altern 8. Mike Paradinas decides to take the project seriously however with a very acceptable Grime rethink of the original, harking back to his killer electro enhanced 2-step remix of Capitol K's 'pillow' a good 5 years ago. A surprising winner from the Planet Mu camp, rinse it thorough!