• Guilty Connector - Beats, Noise & Life

    Reviewed by Jeremy Chick (www.subba-cultcha.com)

    <b> Guilty Connector </b> - Beats, Noise & Life

    Some albums are scary sounding, and others are just damn well frightening. Dr Kohei aka The Filth aka GxCx aka the Guilty Connector is a ‘Japanese Hybrid Human/Noise Machine’, and if he was my doctor I’d ask to switch and save myself the instantaneous loosening of the bowels endured when I pressed play on my CD player whilst placing my headphones upon my ears… Taking ‘found’ sounds and digitally manipulating them into harsh sounds capes with little respite maybe big, but is it clever? If he was here right now, yes I’d be scared into saying yes, but surprisingly enough, if he wasn’t here, then I’d still say yes! Better than Dulcolax - take my word for it!!!

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