• Guilty Connector - Beats, Noise & Life

    Reviewed by (FdW) (Vital Weekly)

    <b> Guilty Connector </b> - Beats, Noise & Life

    Behind Guilty Connector is someone calls himself Dr. Kouhei, aka The Filth, aka GxCx and before he released a CD with Tabata (see Vital Weekly 384). Maybe that already hints in which way to look for his music: in the corners of Japanese noise music. Guilty Connector builds his own sound effects and uses them in combination with iron plates. It's odd to see this released on Planet Mu, but it's well-known that they have a wide taste. It will no doubt shock the die-hard followers of the label and they would wonder where the 'beats', as promised in the title, come in, as they pretty don't, unless the bpm is right over 500 and it becomes this utter blurr of sound. In terms of noise shock, Guilty Connector does a fine job at shocking the technoids at Planet Mu, but for those who heard at least a hundred Merzbows, and I'm happy to include myself, this is a bit of standard noise thing. Not bad at all, but walking the alley of Masami and the likes a bit too much to innovate the genre. The title piece with his dynamics is the best road to take, me thinks, blending silence and noise together.

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