• The Doubtful Guest - Electrobotz

    Reviewed by boomkat (boomkat)

    The Doubtful Guest - Electrobotz

    If you thought the Planet Mu offices were exclusively awash with testosterone then The Doubtful Guest is here to subvert your notions, as Libby Floyd rattles into town on a train of electronic giddiness which will have you reaching for the vodka and Anadin... Not quite as frenetic as you might expect, The Doubtful Guest is riddled with electronic potholes that jar the ears in a manner that is wholly welcome - with A-side 'Electrobotz' bouncing along in a fried acid style that flirts with the silicon in a way that recalls a less flippant Global Goon. On the flip 'Mind Detergent' is a machine-gun of electro that lobs in a couple of breaks grenades for good measure and comes out the other side grinning... Guest list!

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