Stretching genres with this mix of digital electronica, jerky computer glitches, and trancey melodies, The Gasman stir up a frenzy of too-cool-for-school electric beats in their new album “This One’s For You”.

  • The Gasman - This One's For You

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    <b> The Gasman </b> - This One's For You

    “Goof” has the undertones of drum n bass, whilst rather calmly not causing a riot with the mesmerising synth sounds on top. Sounds a bit sketchy, but it’s wonderful, and makes you feel futuristically nostalgic!

    “Creampie” is one of those songs that are so crazy it’s almost out of control, yet you can still feel the rhythm. In other words, it sounds like a robot has malfunctioned on the dance floor, but is now busting out the sickest moves…‘oh one of THOSE songs’ I hear you cry in revelation!

    All in all, this is a wicked album, quite a treat for fans of experimental electro, or for those who take too many drugs. Remember, This one’s for you.

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