• The Gasman - This One's For You

    Reviewed by Leon Michael Tricker (Vanity Project)

    <b> The Gasman </b> - This One's For You

    VP’s favourite (well, mine at least [no, I’d go along with that too – Ed.]) electro artist returns with his most consistent work to date. This is electronica of the highest order. Once again, Reeves mixes beats with celestial organs and found sounds to find the middle ground between (wait for it!) Aphex Twin and Cardiacs (it’s true I tells you!). He creates a rich tapestry that is musically satisfying yet experimental and inspiring. This reviewer has heard a fair bit of electro past and present and The Gasman is so far ahead of his contemporaries it’s staggering. This record is a lesson to other artists: wheeling out the same old presets and production tricks leaves you stale. Do not miss this record.

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