• Virus Syndicate - Ready To Learn Remix

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Virus Syndicate </b> - Ready To Learn Remix

    Proving that Kanye doesn't have the sole supply of helium-octave samples, Manchester's own Grime merchants Virus Syndicate are back with this buoyant clatter of polemical noise. Closer to the cheeky vinyl plundering of Roll Deep than the genre's heavier tracts, 'Ready To Learn' is accessible to the MAX without sacrificing any notion of dignity to the pop cartel. Hitting you between the eyes with a double-speed vocal, 'Ready To Learn' is catchy as H5N1 - with Mark One (who, rumour has it, is on the verge of minting a new label...) flexing his mainstream muscle, whilst up top the Virus MC's lead you on a verbal merry jaunt. Delighting in lines like "HIV and Hepatitis; I ain't down with that kind of virus", 'Ready To Learn' is a masterclass in juxtaposition - spreading the gravelly Brit vocals atop a pop-bruised backing that revels in it's cheeky disposition. Further bolstered by a siren-addled remix and the Trim, Jammer, Ears & Fallacy guesting take on 'Major List MC's', 'Ready To Learn' sees Virus Syndicate putting out a 12" which will get them noticed well beyond the borders of the scene. As to what the scene thinks of that, only time will tell - but it'd be awfully churlish to hold this joyful four minutes against them. Contagious!