• µ-Ziq - Ease Up

    Reviewed by The Wire (The Wire)

    <b> µ-Ziq </b> - Ease Up

    Long ago, leftfield junglists like Mike Paradinas and Luke Vibert were tagged as weirdy-beardy experimentalists for the woolly excesses of their edit-happy tracks, in contrast to the precision engineering of more straightforward (and, presumably, clean-shaven) breakbeat scientissts. But just as Vibert went back to his praise-Winstons roots with the dubby, almost purist Amen Andrews project, on "Ease Up" Paradinas leaves the beard-step to Woody Allen, concentrating instead on monstrous bass drops and classic breaks chopped and stacked like firewood. The dark exhortation to "Ease up!" regularly punctuates the mayhem, interspersed with a mournful reggae cry, but the tune does anything but as it edges toward climax, egged on by sirens. The VIP mis on the flip launches itself into an even more extreme orbit at its end, but the majority of its sidelong, 33rpm journey is a relatively placid meander, as it follows echoing flutes through a maze of breaks. "Wergle The Proud" is a flashback to the halcyon days of µ-ziq's Lunatic Harness and Squarepusher's Feed Me Weird Things, as slow-mo breaks flex and flange, and carnival melodies serenade futurism's sweetest, almost childlike triumphs.

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