• Virus Syndicate - The Work-Related Illness

    Reviewed by hyponik.com

    <b> Virus Syndicate </b> - The Work-Related Illness

    The debut album from the Virus Syndicate via forward thinking label Planet Mu. For all those who are familiar with Mark One’s mechanical sound you will not be disappointed. Sci Fi stridden beats are a plenty with that trade mark “wom wom” bass injection tearing through the album. Hip hop crossovers such as Major List Mc’s (ft. Fallacy) and Clockwork successfully deliver a more commercial edge to grime, all tinted with a Manchester rawness. Dance floor tunes are mixed with darker vicious vocal assaults from Nika D, Goldfinger & JSD. A great album offering something a little different from the murky depths of Grime. Watch out for Slow Down as a single. Are the Virus Syndicate the next Happy Mondays?

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