• Shitmat - The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

    Reviewed by Adam Anonymous (Undercover)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

    Brighton mash-up enfant terrible Shitmat has something of a monopoly on drilling the fuck outta unlikely pirated pop moments with his trademark monster beat assult; this time around he's not so interested in jacking Jacko tracks, however. Instead, The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP rounds on the scourge of drum&bass: chavs. Taking vocal samples of heroically battered sportswear-clad halfwits conveying their rather classic wisdom on pill imbibing (sample quote, "Whoa, fuckin' space-head!"), the four tracks are as dancable as previous Shitmat LP peaks Killababylonkutz or Full English Breakfest. But then who gives a fuck - that's barely the point. There's no better example of the nu-skool fist-in-air mosh-pit d&b that's sweeping underground clubs right now; an idiot antidote for those who prefer their dance to have a sence of physical danger but without a retarded jump-up beat to brainlessly cling onto.

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