• Shitmat - The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

    Reviewed by 'S' of Vanity Project, summer 05 (Vanity Project)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - The Lesser Spotted Burberry EP

    A 12" single to follow up the well-received LP 'Full English Breakfest', that makes wide use of samples of some MAnc scally gobshite in full flow. It is a tribute to pikey behaviour, with 'Ellesse Warrior' happy slapping strangers with hoodied gabba n' bass. These are lairy, threatening anti-social beats, all-elbows. I swear he's offering us out, goading us into gang warfare. |That's the Henry Collins way to provoke, to irritate, so best to be on his side. VP is, we promise (and definitely aren't reading this off a card with a 200bpm drill n' bass sonic gun pointed at our head).

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