• Bizzy B - Science EP Volumes III + IV

    Reviewed by boomkat (www.boomkat.com)

    <b> Bizzy B </b> - Science EP Volumes III + IV

    Another legend unearthed, Planet Mu follow up the blistering Remarc set with this ace doublepack from Bizzy B (Brain/Joker/Sub Base/Whitehouse) - a pioneer of junglist raves and hardcore pirate radio (Centerforce, Fantasy, Kool fm, Conflict). He's been releasing records since '91 and set up one of the most influential Hardcore/Jungle labels "Brain" which also released the debut material of Peshay , Zinc, and Marc Caro (Technical Itch) among others. The Science ep Vol.3 features all new material from Bizzy B.and follows up Volumes 1 and 2 that came out in '93 and '94 respectively. What you get is some killer bass-heavy amen break driven darkcore tumblin' without a moments pause for breath. Killer business - buy!

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