• Exile - Pro Agonist

    Reviewed by Alastair Lee (www.bbc.co.uk/dna/collective)

    <b> Exile </b> - Pro Agonist

    Virtuoso hardcore.
    If you’re the kind of listener who likes to push your stereo to the limits, not to mention the patience of the neighbours, then you’ve struck gold with Exile. This sort of thing makes non-believers shake their heads in disbelief whilst muttering about “the kids of today”. Tearing 160bpm breaks, sliced to ribbons and spat in your face with distorted synth bass and menacing undercurrents. It’s feisty alright, but it’s not raw thuggery - there’s plenty of invention and some spellbinding sounds. But then it’s drum‘n’bass made by an MA student of Electroacoustic Composition. What else would you expect?

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