• Exile - Pro Agonist

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (www.chaindlk.com)

    <b> Exile </b> - Pro Agonist

    Exile's first album sum the work of the last years of Tim Shaw: dj and producer coming from England. He worked with John B and MC Temper and he recorded tons of records for Moving Shadow, Beta, Renegade Hardware, Mosquito and Planet-Mu. His first CD PRO AGONIST gathers twelve tracks of inspired hc jungle sounds/rhythms which tend to surprise the listener with new solutions (choirs, melodic lines, classical music excerpts, etc). Two tracks are selected from his recent singles released by Evol Intent and Planet Mu and the remaining ones are new cuts which see also the collaboration of John B (on "Broken language - Exile mix") and Nick Douwma (which helped on the creation of the opening "Silicon chop"). If you don't know at all Tim's work, don't wait for fragmented sounds and hyper nervous rhythms which are impossible to follow. His style is various and angry but he has always got the sense of the track. For sure you could find many influences on his music but his tracks aren't a cut and paste of sounds. They are more likely sound scultpures with a high melodic sense. See how the short "Open mike" succeeds into painting different soundscapes in less than three minutes. Jungle isn't the only thing you'll find on these tracks, because Tim usually use a pad structure to help the rhythm hurricane. On tracks like "Sure you did" you could find also ambient moments as well as classic modern music elements on "Mushroom santa" or on the following "Spring cum air". A thing is for sure: listening to PRO AGONIST you won't find a weak moment and you'll always find interesting elements to follow. Dig the power!

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