• Exile - Pro Agonist

    Reviewed by Adam Anonymous (Plan B, Oct/Nov 05)

    <b> Exile </b> - Pro Agonist

    On his record label's message board, Tim 'Exile' Shaw declared he'd never release another record, due to (misread) opening sales figures of 'Pro Agonist'. And it would've been a genuine loss. Hailing from the home of mash-up, Brighton, along with Shitmat, Chevron, and the irrepressible DJ Scotch Egg, Exile is more concerned with dark drum 'n' bass dancefloor action, somehow straddling the middle ground between ear-violating Valve punch and wobbly experimental edginess. And, with superb titles like 'Big Bad Purple Bad Boy', and the pupil-dialating high of 'Broken Language', it bangs louder than a million sales.

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