• Exile - Pro Agonist

    Reviewed by Adam Anonymous (Undercover, Sept. 05)

    <b> Exile </b> - Pro Agonist

    It creeps up on you sneakily, like a velvet-clad mugger, until - BAM! - Pro Agonist infiltrates ear canals at tornado force. Exile, or Tim Shaw as the postman knows him, is a rare breed. Few straight drum&bass heads have the intelligence to construct anything beyond club movers, beats that sound fantastic over near-illegal PA stacks, yet are redundant for home listening. Fewer still experimental folks understand they won't be sat in their dimly lit bedroom for ever: sooner or later, they'll require the ability to move a room who've swallowed, sniffed and smoked enough substances to dance until dawn. Exile has known the score since monstrous underground choon - with a capital 'CH' - Broken Language, rudely jacking John B's original and squashing it into bona fide hit material for a dissatisfied generation. Beside that mighty statement of intent, Pro Agonist could've faded into inconsequentiality. And while, comparatively, that is a case to argue, Exile's twin strengths of imagination and evil melody mastery were never gonna totally let him down. This is a man who, it should be noted, was living with fellow Planet Mu breakcore terrorists Shitmat and Chevron last time we checked. You'd assume they never go short of a DJ at house parties. He shares more than a dwelling too: titles like Big Bad Purple Bad Boy and Spring Cum Air are pure mischief, but little compared to the pulsating d&b-fests contained within The Devil's Chimney of the aforementioned Broken Language. Immense.

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