• Exile - Pro Agonist

    Reviewed by boomkat (www.boomkat.com)

    <b> Exile </b> - Pro Agonist

    Growling subterranean bass? Check. Epic breakdowns? Of course. Seven- shades-of-shit beat pillage? How much do you want, cos 24 year old Tim Exile has got the lot. And a bit more. Having gained an MA in electroacoustic compositions, Exile has been releasing stuff left, right and centre for the past few years, clocking up appearances on Moving Shadow, Ram/Frequency, Beta, Renegade Hardware, Mosquito and now Planet-Mu. Opening as he means to go on, Exile ushers us into 'Pro Against' through the cavernous 'Silicon Chop', wherein a mass of crushed electro is shattered by a cluster-f*ck of drum & bass indebted beats and film noir atmospherics. Things continue to rattle along at this breathless pace with 'Open Mike' plundering Squarepusher's back catalogue for all manner of snare kicks and acid infected licks, 'The Forever Endeavour' teetering on the very brink of breakcore, before 'Sure You Did' strips it all down with muted beats and distant choirs for a much needed breather. However the undoubted highlight is the colossal 'Broken Language (Exile Mix)', where ghost-train melodies and a vet sized dose of broken biscuit beats are given an ace breakdown, before clawing their way back into your ears. Wormwood for the ears.

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