• Vex'd - Degenerate

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    <b> Vex'd </b> - Degenerate

    London based duo Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter provide something uncompromising on Degenerate; digitalised dark electronic music, with industrial rhythms and a fetid attitide. Having emerged from the Jungle scene, these chaps decided to take hardcore to a new level, belting out bone crunching instrumentals, with big bad bass riffs and cyber-electro keyboard spurts.

    Their roots are evident on the dawning Pop Pop V.I.P., which is merely the calm before the storm. Then Thunder erupts, as seething synths breath an unnerving calm before a monster bass line bludgeons canyon-sized, splintered break beats. It’s a bit like the Prodigy, but without the melodies, shouty vocals or stupid haircuts.

    I wouldn’t call Degenerate original, far from it, but it does have its own stylised personality. Despite the majority of tracks featuring quite cyclical, stylised breakbeats, bass sounds and configured bleeps, much of Degenerate retains an air of memorability, which is unusual for such a repetitively structured album – perhaps an object lesson in how simplicity is best.

    The only discernable diversity comes via some ragga-style vocal chanting, which sparingly erupts from track to track – but is most notable on Lion V.I.P., which is a real stormer – and could easily be Vex'd's mission statement.

    Worth checking out if you have an affinity with the Industrial or hardcore scenes – or if you simply want to annoy your neighbours; the bonus disc is equally rewarding, featuring six of Vex’d’s singles from their days on the Subtext and Destructive labels, not forgetting Planet Mu – where they remain.

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