• Vex'd - Degenerate

    Reviewed by DJ, 22 July - 4 Aug. 05 Source:

    <b> Vex'd </b> - Degenerate

    Although closer to dubstep than the likes of The Bug, Vex'd live in the twilight between grime/dubstep and an Aphex-like twisted view of techno and drum & bass.

    Comprising duo Jamie and Roly, they share a common jungle heritage (which, despite the heavy hip hop marketing, is unquestionalby the root of grime/dubstep, etc). Opening the LP with fragmented breakbeats and deep rumbling acid on 'Pop Pop VIP', 'Thunder' moves properly into the sub-lo spectrum, loitering with pregnant malicious intent. Contrary to its name, 'Angels' smolders like a Tempa track, while 'Corridor' makes the connection between grime and Paradinas's school of drill & bass.

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