• Vex'd - Gunman

    Reviewed by boomkat (boomkat.com)

    <b> Vex'd </b> - Gunman

    Vex’d reprise the ole faithful Doctor Alimantado ‘gunman’ sample which dominated every shoe shop in south london all 1997 as I recall, courtesy of the chartbound, first wave, proto-uk garage of 187 Lockdown. For their debut wax on the Mu, following up two absolute killers on bristol’s massive Subtext imprint was always gonna be an almighty task, but we reckon they’ve just about managed it. ‘Gunman’ has nothing to do with 187 lockdown, merely jumping off and up from clattering drums, cavernous handclaps, gunshots and cut ups into a snorting bassfest of room-stopping fury, the sample will make this a classic lighter tune if ever there was one. Proper banging as we are wont to say up north. ‘Smart bomb’ sneaks in under the radar at perfect steppas tempo, souding like Vex’d have entered in to the Planet Mu brief with relative gusto – psycho bass once again, utter decimation. Vex’d do it again – dubstep be taking over.