• Mark One - One Way

    Reviewed by Boomkat (Boomkat)

    <b> Mark One </b> - One Way

    And so Planet Mu step into the Grime arena with the debut full-length from scene veteran Mark One. With a spate of releases for all the right labels : Soulja, Tempa, Texture, Southside, Immunity, his own Contagious imprint and, most recently, the notorious Grime compilation on Rephlex – Mark fuses a dirty low-end scrape and tumble with a ghetto mentality – shards of Hip Hop, R & B, Garage, 2-step and even electro stainin his template in fine gangsta style. It’s all about the basslines kids, and “One Way” is a veritable cesspit of f*cked up low end wobbles and knuckle cracking stabs – complete with the Virus Syndicate tagging along for the ride. “One Way” is a more extreme, mutant, darkcore version of the recent Skinnymann album, a devastating take on the street beats of Dizzee Rascal without all the plastic concessions. This is the real deal and fans of bumpin’ bass everywhere need to take heed immediately. Killah!

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