• Mark One - One Way

    Reviewed by maurizio pustianaz (chain dlk)

    <b> Mark One </b> - One Way

    I'm sorta new to grime music definition. I checked the web and I found a page on Reflex records (label which is deeply linked to Mark One) and this is what I found: "In the 80's, maybe it was House, Techno and Electro. In the 90's it was UK-G, Drum and Bass, Breaks or whatever. Now there are so many terms for it that the journalists can’t pidgeon-hole it any more". Personally I never invented a new definition/genre as I try to stick on the bands I know without inventing nothing new but I understand them as magazines want to discover always the next big thing just to dump it two month after. Anyway, to my ears Mark One's ONE WAY is a good mixture of hip hop, techno and drum'n'bass and he succeeds into producing eleven tracks of pumping rhythms, where the experimental side of the whole thing isn't less important respect the lyrics (as far as I know into hip hop, lyrics are half of the track). If you are used to listen to MTV, please forget the attitude of those millionaires who are only interested into chicks and fights: Mark One (here helped out by Virus Syndicate) is genuine and brings you tons of bass frequencies, melody and energy. Dig this one!

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