• Venetian Snares - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Rossz Csillag Alatt Született

    Venetian Snares’s Aaron Funk never ceases to amaze, annoy, disturb, frustrate, all that often at once. While his recent output for Canadian-label Sublight Records, Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole, an anti-ode to his native city, has been described as one of his hardest, most violent records to date, his next album, this time for Planet Mu, is perhaps his most delicate and intriguing.

    For years, Funk has taken unexpected paths and lodged his infectious drill’n’bass in the most surprising corners, but this latest opus is in a league of its own. Although Funk had already briefly hinted at similar soundscapes in previous records, Rossz Csillagf Alatt Született opens up to beautiful soundscapes and unusually laidback atmospheric moments, in parts at least. Inspired by a trip to Hungary during a European tour, this album shows a more mature and structured side to Funk’s musical persona.

    Making good use of orchestral constructions and typically melancholic Eastern European melodies, Aaron creates an interestingly baroque soundtrack on which his infamous breaks only serve to highlight the dramatic nature of the music. Unlike anything he has produced until now, this album very much revolves around a central theme, which is in turn developed into subtle variations with each new track. From the sort opening, Sikertelenség, to the impressive evolution of Hajnal or the delicate Öngyilkos Vasárnap, Funk dares going as far as he can to create a truly unique atmospheric canvas.

    For the occasion, Aaron Funk learned to play the trumpet and electric violin, giving the album a more organic and textured feel. This also somehow adds to the underlying tension running throughout, making this Funk’s most human and touching release.

    If it could be argued that, having released twelve albums in just six years, Funk’s creativity might be in danger of seriously drying up, Rossz Csillagf Alatt Született demonstrates that the man is still progressing. Always finding new ways to explore, Funk manages to surprise his audience time and time again. With Rossz Csillagf Alatt Született, he produces his most compelling and imaginative record to date.


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