• Ed Lawes - 14 Tracks/Pieces

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    <b> Ed Lawes </b> - 14 Tracks/Pieces

    Imagine the Aphex Twin stretching out beyond even the most abstract frontiers of SAW2 and meeting up with AMM in unreal time, and you might get an idea of where Planet Mu recording artist Lawes is heading. A multi-instrumentalist, he processes improvisations and filters, modifies, re-edits and sequences them to build structures whose point is the fascination with sound in itself – facile comparisons might be made with Jon Hassell or Stephan Micus, but the soundworld inhabited here owes more to George Crumb or Jonathan Harvey. Key track: "Bowed/Caused," but note how on "Oohs Pastiche" the ghost of SMiLE raises its head yet again.

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