• Ed Lawes - 14 Tracks/Pieces

    Reviewed by FdW (Vital Weekly) (Vital Weekly)

    <b> Ed Lawes </b> - 14 Tracks/Pieces

    Ed who?, you may very well ask, just like I did. Planet Mu doesn't
    reveal much more than that Lawes is a 'Birmingham-based musician &
    contemporary composer' and 'he divides the works between 'pieces'
    (generally scored for or improvised on more traditional instruments)
    and 'tracks' (which can be generalised as more computer-based or
    electroacoustic works)'. The pieces include studies for violin,
    double bass & tenor saxophone and mixed ensembles. All that is
    performed with this, is later in the studio being edited down by
    Lawes into 'pieces' and 'tracks' (I'd say a 'track' by his definition
    is a 'piece' too). Despite being on Planet Mu this is not really a
    work of dance, rhythm, techno or anything some such, even despite the
    press blurb mentioning Autechre. It also mentions Ligeti, Stockhausen
    and Anthony Braxton, and that is more like it. Lawes plays in his
    fourteen pieces modern classical music, sometimes, such as in 'Tone'
    a bit jazz-influenced, but most of the time, in a serious serial way
    of Ligeti, or with slow movements such as Morton Feldmann. As much as
    I played this CD with interest, and no matter how hard I tried to
    like it, I found that the music was a bit alien and remote. It didn't
    grab me as much as some modern classical can do. It wasn't unpleasent
    to hear, but maybe too distant like. And I certainly didn't see the
    difference in 'Pieces' and 'Tracks'... (FdW)

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