• Hawerchuk - Camel Toe

    Reviewed by boomcat (boomcat.com)

    <b> Hawerchuk </b> - Camel Toe

    Well, if you're gonna jump on the Grime bandwagon you may as well do it in f*cking LARGE style, something the Mu do ferociously with this mighty debut from Kevin Hawerchuck. It's called sublow for a reason kids, the low end here twisting us inside out in outrageously good fashion, determining to get those speakers blown before the evening's out. "Camel Toe" on the A side is easily the standout, a massive filthy digital tumble of squashed beats in a two step stylee, grinding b-lines squeezing the pulse of the rhythm into a heavy heavy grind, while everything from a stray trumpet to mangled timestretched samples do their thing. Awesome. "Caned Pees" on the flip is more plastic, almost tabloid, but there's enough low-end mashing and honey vocalising going on to get your limbs and your knickers in a twist all over again. Killer.

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