• Shitmat - Full English Breakfest

    Reviewed by Gregory Britsch (Laut)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Full English Breakfest

    English BREAK nearly. In the morning a tidy charge fat in the form of ham, beans, fried egg and small sausage. Lecker. The adequate palate joy after a night sakeless through-rushed. The Kater, the head, the Sodbrennen: away. Or so. Sometimes, not always. What spontaneous associations titles and/or Cover and/or Booklet CD as of Shitmat nevertheless to release can...

    Not necessarily the transition in the sense of Gerhard the Delling, but which soll's. A series of five EPs preceded the debut of Shitmat alias Henry Collins anyhow, which are published now in the form of "Full English BREAK celebration". The title tells a message, which can be called in last consequence only: full program, BREAK core galore.

    In this sense one from Chief Collins gets the breakfast menu around the ears gehauen that the small sausages fly. Comparably with admire-worth cranks such as Venetian Snares or Squarepusher , sketches to Collins a full of seeds Jungle Splatter -Splatter-Boliden, which is inferior to raging the others in nothing. But while Squarepusher fells trees in its completely own way gladly times in jazz Gefilden, Shitmat with its arrangements takes somewhat differently a constituted, however not less radical direction.

    The speech not in vain is from a BREAK celebration. Collins's ' illusion joke lies in the detail. How does it mean nevertheless so beautifully? Each Boehnchen its Toenchen. Accordingly Maître Shitmat serves a plate for the rather deftigen Gusto, gespickt with a great deal Samples of different Couleur ("Bombaclad, I'm the lord OF Hellfire "etc. pp.), which inevitably the feeling gives, these sometime times cost, aeh, to have heard.

    "Big Ben's Big Remix" for example manages it, Big Bens Gebimmel, the long-known Gedudel of the eurovision, Satzfetzen like "you got ME A more beer?!" plus TRACK-SAM-polarize the chickens of Destiny's Child into the Mashup generator to throw and on a suitable Jungle denominator bring. A 1A hybrid of the mark hybrid Pop. is finished likewise becomes somehow memories awake at DJ Hypes "ready Or Not" Remix of the Fugees . And it understands itself probably automatically that not only here over the whole plate away, which good old English humor does not play a role which can be underestimated. Which one wants to expect also different one of someone, which calls itself Shitmat. Hopefully that does not remain being to anybody in the neck.

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