• Shitmat - Full English Breakfest

    Reviewed by Allan Harrison (copperpress.com)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Full English Breakfest

    Shitmat's penchant for hyper-junglist sample-splattery has already made him of the most engaging and humorous personalities in an electronic music scene too often polarised by reclusive boffinry or the brainless din of the superclubs. Ironically, the hilarious Full English Breakfest comes on like a raging, information-age punk rock attack, wherein a gloop of amorphous pop/dance culture is ingested, reimagined, and shat out as an orgiastic drum'n'bass/raggamuffin/spazz-hop/extreme-music scuzzfest - part-commentary, part rave-up. When "Theme From The 1988 Morris Dance Massacre" simultaneously fuses Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In the Name" with morris-dance polka, badman-ragga freestyling, Aerosmith & Run DMC's "Walk This Way" and the theme tune to UK children's TV shows "Pigeon Street" and "Blue Peter," for example, it's a moment of re-interpretative, sampladelic genius.

    The album as a whole is veritably littered with such laugh-out-loud, devil's horn-fisted moments, such as the ragga/dubplate interspersions of "There's No Business Like Propa Rungleclotted Mashup Bizznizz," for example. Here, the self-referencing showtune is merged with hyper-frazzled gabba, General Levy chants of "Boyaka!" and Arrested Development's "Mr.Wendel" coming to rest on a copyright-slamming snippet of Eminem's "Business." There are countless other highlights, but it's difficult to talk about Shitmat without going on to list the (hundreds of) thousands of re-digested samples and sly-winking cultural references. That, however, is Full English Breakfest, and sifting through the discarded junk of a pop culture in permanent saturation crisis, Shitmat is a one-man, all-night punk rock rave-up in its dormant recycling plant.

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