• Shitmat - Full English Breakfest Vol.1

    Reviewed by Sam (tesselate.me.uk)

    <b> Shitmat </b> - Full English Breakfest Vol.1

    First in the series of 5 (well 6 if you include the roundup cd, which will contain most of the tracks on the five releases, but not all of them) releases on Planet - Mu from that beat hash maniac Shitmat.

    "Badman Ballad" starts it right off, with the a spiralling breakbeat dipped in wild vocals, with what seems like Prodidy samples cut in for that junglist style we all love. Crashing drum strikes forced into the warped mind of an arcade gambler with its sights set on giving out Jackpot, gently mixed in with spooky melodies that make you keep an eye out. All manner of crazy samples from m.a.r.r.s to are spliced in with the gillion bpm drum rotation, that is intent on not giving it up...EVER. Insanicrazy....PO!
    "Dubplatter" is robot from the very beginning, with a message to the dj to basically sort it out..and then its time for splitsecondbeat style once again. Like a runaway train,full of broken glass and a bunch of audio cassettes, its one banging explosion mixture, that makes its presence felt in more than one way. Smash it up.

    Apparently Shitmat reckons that "UK SWAMPCORE SUCKS IN COMPARISON TO TECHSTEP NEW WAVE PSY-JUNGLE", well I havent heard any Swampcore before, but it sounds pretty shit. This time the beat is more of a stomping army attack with blazey lyrics over the top, and ranging lazer strikes coming in from all angles, like a secret barrage. Grange Hill sample....its all good now, as Shitmat opens a tiny window to utter chaos, and stands back, as deranged voices and bubbling red shapes pour out and attack everything in the square mile. Oh yeh and a 'Chips' sample is in there also. Love it.

    "Big ben's big breakdown" rounds off this first keyrazy release. Ringing bells and a subtle thudding bass, all tied together with a big beat of a bow, and the chimes of the biggest ben in london, get it all going. B Ben is then warped and distorted into creating a brain inducing meltdown melody arcade attacking symphony, that only your overheated head can enjoy. Qualiy treat.

    Full english breakfest number 1 is a rocket filled black pudding waiting to implode. Killer Shitmat shit. Get it

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