• Various - The Sacred Symbols Of Mu

    Reviewed by JH (Krugler, Aug. 06) (Krugler, Issue 11)

    <b> Various </b> - The Sacred Symbols Of Mu

    Worcester's electronic imprint Planet Mu release a double CD to mark their 100th release, priced at a very reasonable £5.99! That's right, 24 exclusive tracks of currently unreleased high quality electronic music for under six quid! OK, you might not get much of a sleeve design but for that price, what do you want? The moon on a stick? Etc?

    As well as the big names (well, in electronic music terms anyway) of Venetian Snares, Jega, Shitmat, Leafcutter John, Luke Vibert and µ-Ziq himself (label owner Mike Paradinas) there's also a great chance to get your hands on tracks by new artists such as Vex'd, Pinch, Distance and Boxcutter. New Planet Mu signings 0=0 and Mileece are really worth a listen too and tunes like Tom Burbank's Gnats' show the label to be leading the way when it comes to cutting edge electronic music. From dub step to bleeps, breaks and future classics, this has got to be one of the most essential label compilations released to date.

    You might be reading this and thinking; "electronic music? Fuck's sake. Isn't that just a bunch of 20 something males sat alone in their bedrooms wanking and bleeping over pictures of Aphex Twin on their laptops?" While you'll have correctly guessed the profile of this writer you might want to put aside your preconceptions and give this compilation a try. It may not be four lads dressed like extras from Oliver Twist with comedy "worn out" straw hats, but there's no getting away from the fact it's simply good music. Plus, if you haven't got any Planet Mu stuff in your collection, it's a great introduction to the label. And did I mention it was only £6?

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