A trip to Planet Mu encompassing every aspect of electronica.

  • Various - The Sacred Symbols Of Mu

    Reviewed by Ross Breadmore (subba-culcha.com)

    <b> Various </b> - The Sacred Symbols Of Mu

    Like any genre, electronica has as many variations as one could imagine, but possibly due to the increasingly accessible nature of making such music through easy to use music programs such as Cubase and Reactor, has even more. Anyone wishing to witness such variety could spend an awful lot of time and money investing in a wide array of albums and bastard-vrsions of little-known tracks, or they could spend 6 pounds and buy Planet Mu latest guide to bleep-making in 2006.

    Spread over two cd’s and containing 24 different artists, Sacred Symbols Of Mu is a breathless look at the output of a label infused with progression. Whilst much of what is contained falls under the most obvious guise of electronica, a subtle blend of layers, twitches and drum patterns so complex they’ll twist your head, Planet Mu’s quality control never falters; for sure obvious tracks such as Trampoline 4 from Gasman may not stand up next well next to the excitement of Tom Burbank’s Gnats, but the overall picture is one of complete electro-serenity and for that Mu once again must be applauded.

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