• Venetian Snares - Meathole

    <b> Venetian Snares </b> - Meathole

    The more recent Venetian Snares albums (all of which we've loved) from Canadian electronic wizard Aaron Funk have fallen muchcloser sonically to the maudlin minor key string soaked IDM sound of Boy / Girl era Aphex Twin. However, Meathole returns to the beligerent head-ache electro-shock breakcore albums that dominated his early records. This records fucking hurts; and I'm sure that Mr. Funk wants us to hurt; and it's same kind of damage that J Lesser has been known to giddily inflict upon his listeners: a non-stop pummel of drill 'n' bass rhythms, menacingly stalking basslines reminscent of Ed Rush circa 1996, scalding hot electronic blasts of noise, and post-Rotterdam 909 kicks to the head. Given that the album had been constructed under the influence of "devil worship and murder," Meathole seems custom made for the Aquarius Records infatuation with bloody-minded teeth-gnashing. Sprinkled with horror film sountrack samples downpitched for an extra-heavy creep factor, Meathole recalls much of the brilliantly ridiculous / ridiculously brilliant Digital Hardcore and Position Chrome stuff that we raved about many years ago. So good!

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