• Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid

    Reviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz (chaindlk.com)

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Lover's Acid

    Active since the early nineties also as Plug and Wagon Christ, Luke Vibert is at his first CD for Planet Mu. LOVER'S ACID is a collection of three 12" released by the label ("Luke Vibert", "Homewerk" and "Lover's Acid") and it gathers twelve tracks of acid electronic lounge music. Drum'n'bass, jungle and techno are the ground where the Luke's patterns are looped and if tracks like "Come on chaos" or "Dirty fucker" are a good example of electronic soul and acid house other tracks don't succeed into giving the same energy. It's like they lose themselves into the research of an excessive technism and for this reason they result less immediate. I want to clear out that they aren't rubbish but sometimes some tracks risk to work like background music into modern launge bar.

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