• Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid

    Reviewed by John Brainlove (subba-culcha.com)

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Lover's Acid

    Have you ever noticed that people don't really write about snooker? It's on
    TV for hours on end, several times a year, watched by millions of viewers
    (all addicted the sleepy click of the balls and the soporific tone of the
    commentary). But you never see it in the papers. Football gets splashed all
    over the back page, rugby and tennis too, but snooker? Nope. Maybe a
    paragraph after the final in the 'other sports' section. It's obvious why,
    really. It's just not very rock 'n' roll. No flying, brutal studs up
    tackling, no screaming shots smashing into the back of the net, no sprinting
    down the wing, no violent scrums featuring huge mean-looking rugby bastards
    with minging squished ears. It's just... there.

    Luke Vibert's new album is the aural equivalent of snooker. You're never
    gonna hear someone screaming from the rooftops about how great it is. But
    thousands of people play it regularly. 'Lover's Acid' is relaxed, light
    electronica, processed beats and sonic squiggles, reverbed vocal samples and
    synth basslines. It's never really pop - the songs all blend together into a
    nice sticky flow of cartoon electronic goo. Thankfully, it doesn't fall into
    the Lemon Jelly trap of becoming "chill out" fodder, although it does toe
    the line from time to time. But 'Lover's Acid' has a sense of humour and a
    sense of fun, and while it might never receive the critical attention that
    artists like Aphex Twin and Squarepusher get, it's a great example of laid
    back, fun, back-from-the-pub, night time electronica.

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