• Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid

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    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Lover's Acid

    If you ask me, Luke Vibert has been on a winning streak lately. Under the aliases of Wagon Christ, Kerrier District as well as his own name, Mr. Vibert has been releasing a steady stream of quality dance music for the better part of two years now. From shifty disco to instrumental hip-hop and broken beat workouts, he's proven his versatility and maneuverability in the often cluttered world of contemporary electronic music. That brings us to his latest album, which is actually comprised of four new tracks, plus eight other tasty cuts that were previously released as vinyl-only EPs on the Planet Mu label.

    Perfectly named Lover's Acid, Vibert's deep love for the 303 and the acid house records coming out of Chicago during the mid-to-late-'80s shines through, but it's all been reconfigured to fit into the breakbeat science of the post jungle/drum 'n' bass era. Shuffled jazz percussion, scuttled atmospherics and lifted flute passages keep it interesting, while bits of retro acid lines bring me back to my glory days of warehouse loft parties. Thankfully though, this isn't revival time; instead he uses his influences as inspiration, not re-creation. For example, on "Analord" (also the name of Aphex Twin's new 12-inch series), a squelchy acid line slowly starts to form and spread its tentacles outward over a sparse electro break that is sure to keep the b-boys happy. On "Acid 2000," a slowed down jungle break underpins a manic, liquid 303 that is as funky as it is trippy. It's a nice balance between old-school vibes and nu-school science.

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