• Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid

    Reviewed by chessbox (tinymixtapes.com)

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Lover's Acid

    Luke Vibert's Lover's Acid is only partially a new album from the man behind Plug and Wagon Christ. That is, four of the 12 tracks are new. The others come from the vinyl EPs Homewerk and 95-99, which you've likely never heard, unless you are really on top of your Luke Vibert shit. Lover's Acid, similar to Plug, is a very specific concept. As Plug was strictly a drum 'n bass outing, Lover's Acid is strictly, well, an acid album. The beats are pretty straightforward, though rooted heavily in instrumental hip hop, and all of the melodies are pure analog synth goodness. Lots of warm, lush, smooth sounds wrap around ambient subtleties to make listening quite an enjoyable experience. It is, however, an acid album. As acid is a genre that I've never quite taken to (I've always lumped it in with techno, trance, and house music and in turn, associated it with raves and stupid kids taking loads of Ecstasy), Lover's Acid a bit of a struggle to listen to; but its strong traits are there, and they are obvious to an outsider of the genre. If acid is your cup of tea though, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Luke Vibert's rendition of it to you.

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