• Luke Vibert - Lover's Acid

    Reviewed by AG (Blowback, April 05) (Blowback)

    <b> Luke Vibert </b> - Lover's Acid

    It's well worth pointing out that this is the third studio album from Vibert in a year. Kerrier District went back to deep Italo Disco, Wagon Christ was weird and wonderful: this is the deepest and most ballsy record Luke Vibert has seen involved in (in at least a year!) and truly suited to Planet Mu. Tweaking blips and banging percussion blended with some seriously sychedelic funk is Vibert's speciality here but there is far more... In parts it's a hard-core break/rave fest and in other parts fiendishly squelchy acid-house breaks sizzle. The standout triumph of the record is how it is mastered to flow like a rainbow of sound. In short this record is more kicking than a donkey on ice. Credits: enjoy Acid safely and in the company of this record, Cornwall, tin robots...

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