• Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Reviewed by Adam Anonymous (undercover magazine)

    Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Scotland is a beautiful and sometimes harsh backdrop for creating music of any description, but somehow perfect for carefully assembled electronica. Like famous Cornishman Richard D James before him, affable chap John Charles Wilson, aka Frog Pocket, carries an unmistakeable Celtic influence through Gonglot, awkward song titls and all. Fittingly, Aphex Twin's ambient works and, more recently the beautiful piano-brushed mellow moments of his Drukqs double set provide marker points for much of Wilson's lush landscape of mindful beats. He's more than a mere copyist, however, with each creation spluttering with the incoherence of a malfunctioning hard drive until eventually bursting into lovely life that, in the case of Hurrah Sapphire Moon!, is engulfed once again by noise as circuits short and computers flat-line. Live is where Frog Pocket's wares really make sense with an assortment of guitar pedals, wires, samplers and eccentric gadgets abused by the amphibious one (in person a tall, wiry figure, with flowing dark hair). Overall there's a quiet intelligence that eschews any lazy, crazy breaks safety net and goes balls out for a slow-building pathway, even if you do long for more of his splendid violin&bass attack as demonstrated by these unpredictable live shows. Just don't let Frog Pocket nestle in comparative obscurity any longer.

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