• Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Reviewed by Jon Andrews (Future Music)

    Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Glitchy beats are becoming a bit of a norm round these parts. What was nce a cutting edge genre now often seems a fairly dull attempt at extreme drum programming. Planet Mu were once the great backers of this but, thankfully, recent releases are moving away from the formula. On this one, for example, all the piercing stuff is there but it's backed by some quite stunning traditional, synthetic and downright melodic stuff. There's stuff going back to 1999 on here, so perhaps you can forgive the dated feel of those beats, although they must have been something back then. To my mind the tracks without the blitzkrieg beats work better so have to wonder if John Charles Wilson, the man behind the projects, might well consider stripping back the clever stuff to reveal the beauty behind it...

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