• Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Reviewed by the wire (The Wire)

    Frog Pocket - Gonglot

    Proving that Four Tet doesn't have the folktronica scene all sewn up, John Charles Wilson weighs in with a rough-hewn collection of fractured, raggle-taggle Techno tracks involving fiddles, mandolins and piled up broken beats. Something about the music's lack of subtlety is strangely appealing - you won't be spinning this one after your Boards Of Canada albums, but that's exactly the point. Wilson's beats are a real mess - apparently each rhythmic part was punched in manually - and often seem to work against the music rather than underpin or frame it n any meaningful way, but Gonglot has none of the pheasant-under-glass tastefulness that usually dogs this kind of stuff. On the great "Eye Beby Y Ben II", looped violin scrapings create an ever more intense textural web as the beats tie themselves in knots as if trying to effect an escape. At last, an electronica album that sounds like it was made by a real person.

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